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The Good Copy is a writing studio, a shop, a school and a publisher. Do we even know what we’re doing? Why are we doing all these things at once? Because we think it might only work if you do it all at once. We’re not sure, however, because we just opened. So please check back here for updates. If the website redirects to GoDaddy you’ll know one way or the other.

First, we’ve always dreamed of a newsagent for writers. A place that would combine all the greatest aisles of the newsagent—pens, notebooks, lighters, magazines you wish you were published in—with hardcore writing resources such as style guides, dictionaries and comfortable-yet-waterproof slippers.

Second, we dreamed of a public place that writers could go without feeling weird about sitting in the same spot for three hours and only drinking one coffee. But (we thought), what if this place hosted soirées, too? Events such as panel discussions where the speakers talked turkey about the trade. And movie nights at which we screened only films starring great scribes. For instance, All the President’s Men and Harriet the Spy. And what about if we actually *taught* writing? What if our students were able to emerge with the accursed ability to see dangling modifiers every time they loaded a new lifestyle website?

Third, we dreamed of a place where we could tinker about with our zines and our screens and our magazine dreams in the hope that these laborious screeds would one day be published. Because the publisher was us.

And finally, to put it bluntly, we wanted to make money from our writing—specifically, by writing things for the good people in this world who have some.




We’re into zines, magazines and the internet. Also: books. In some cases we assist independent projects via seed-funding or advertising sales and distribution. In other cases we straight-out go for gold and publish the things ourselves. Our current project is:

Filmme Fatales. A zine about the places where film and feminism intersect, edited by Brodie Lancaster. We’re proud to be the publishers of issues 4, 5, 6 and 7, and to have funded a reprint of FF’s sold-out back issues.



The Good Copy shop is a place to find the best periodical, short-run and limited-edition publications from Australia and around the world. The ones we think are the best, anyway. Part of the shop is a writers’ resource centre—stocking dictionaries, style guides, new non-fiction about publishing, old non-fiction about publishing, four-colour pens, erasers and an exclusive Iranian house slipper we have dubbed ‘The Freelancer’. The shop also includes a non-borrowing library featuring out-of-print issues of our favourite magazines.



Stop. Grammar Time. That’s the name of our punctuation and grammar school. Our crack team of writers (headed by Penny Modra and Meredith Forrester) take a crack team of learners through a course—over four weekly lessons or two intense days—on sentence structure, style, usage, commas, semicolons and sundry sticks and dots. There are funny videos, coffee, biscuits, special folders, four-colour pens and more. Kind of like those basket-weaving workshops you love, but with words!

The Good Copy school also presents one-off talks, panel events, workshops and screenings. Keep an eye on the calendar for updates.

Creative Services

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The Good Copy studio allows our writers to take on commercial projects in a team environment, with the support of editors, strategists, project managers and other writers. Our clients include Rooftop Cinema, Melbourne Central, MPavilion, Builders Academy and Ansell.