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Book report—FFF Issue 1
Written by Brodie Lancaster — 2nd July 2015


When I saw that the cover story of Food For Fashion’s (FFF) first issue features Maisie Williams—who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones—and is called ‘Arya Hungry?’, I practically threw my money at them. (Or, more specifically, at Pork Chop, who was working in the shop when I bought the issue from him.)

FFF is a super-slick zine edited by Fantastic Man’s associate editor Zac Bayly and stunningly art-directed by Stacia Hadiutomo, both of whom previously worked at Oyster. It’s stacked with really impressive contributors, photographers and interviews—not just with Maisie Williams but also with professional singer Charli XCX, professional hot guy Tony Ward and ‘professional human being’ Sophia Lamar. In his interview with Lamar, Paul Bui brings up the elephant in the room when you’re talking about food in the fashion world: he asks her about ‘this mythology of people in fashion not eating’ and she says, by way of explanation, ‘Some people are embarrassed that they are human and they have human necessities.’


For its very specific, kinda cutesy theme, FFF never feels gimmicky or like it’s stretching for a connection between the two disparate areas. There are shots of Maisie Williams wearing great clothes, accessorised with a huge turkey leg or clamshells (‘oysters, clams and cockles!’), alongside her go-to recipe for a microwavable mug brownie; there are classic recipes for stew, soup and stock by a model, a fashion designer and the editor of a fashion magazine; there’s a shoot where Chinatown restaurateurs are dressed in high-fashion wares from Kenzo, Prada and Givenchy; and there’s a playlist from cool music guy Dev Hynes, featuring tracks by Salt-n-Pepa, and Kid Creole and the Coconuts.


I especially liked the recipe for no-machine-required, at-home gelato by Pidapipo’s Lisa Valmorbida; the interview with Spanish model River Viiperi, who brags about never going to the gym, waking up with a two-litre bottle of Coke next to his bed and feasting on jamon sandwiches and McDonald’s; and a kind of grotesquely beautiful shoot by photographer Benjamin Fredrickson that features fish guts and hibiscus donuts to accompany an article about eating flowers.

This issue also taught me a lot about myself; according to Morgan Rehbock’s food-related horoscopes, I (and other Aquarians) ‘seem to have psychically trained taste buds that are able to withstand funky flavours when nutritional value is intellectually irrefutable’. Cool! Maybe that retroactively explains why I once accidentally ate bird poop and didn’t throw up. My mum always said I had ‘iron guts’ and I have always taken that as a compliment. Now I see it was written in the stars!


Without doubt the highlight of this first issue is a feature that shows that it’s not the food itself or the style trends that makes this stuff interesting; it’s really about the people who care a lot about those things. ‘The Wonderful World of Pez’ sees writer Jenny Odell visit San Francisco’s Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, where she meets Gary Doss. I love Gary. Reading about Gary brought me so much joy. Gary’s shrine to Pez was once a computer store, but after people gravitated more to the Pez collection he brought to work than any old Atari, he decided to restructure the business. (But emails from him still come from ‘Computer’.)

FFF connects totally sincere non-fashion people like Gary to super-current stars like Maisie Williams and Charli XCX—with heaps of recipes and photos of delish snacks in-between—without ever feeling too hype-y or too silly. It also looks incredible and is perfectly digestible (SORRY HAD TO SORRY) to carry in your bag and read over lunch.


FFF is available from The Good Copy shop. We’re hosting a launch for this first issue on 16 July—check the calendar for more details.

(1) That’s Sophia Lamar

(2) Maisie having a little Cokie

(3) I’m not a Sagittarius but I like almonds and this picture

(4) This is Brodie’s contribution to the photo shoot. Thanks, Brodie!