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Book report—Little White Lies Issue 57
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 26th February 2015


Little White Lies is an English magazine about the movies. Furthermore, it’s a magazine about the movies that is actually good!

Part of Little White Lies’ brilliance is the look of the thing. Every issue is themed around a specific film or movie star, and the art throughout the issue reflects that. The January/February issue is focused on Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Inherent Vice, for example, so the inside cover of the magazine is an Inherent Vice board game. Little White Lies is a really beautiful publication, with the kinds of illustrations and page layouts you’ll want to rip out and wear like a necklace. This magazine makes you do eccentric things!


The articles are very good too. In-depth interviews, long-form pieces about specific scenes and dialogue, case studies of directors. Even though every issue is timely, you’ll still be able to enjoy these articles in five years’ time. (For that reason, I also recommend their November/December 2014 issue, which focuses on films of 1994.) The second half of the magazine is full of pithy reviews and interviews, as well as recurring features about old movies you’ve probably never heard of.


It’s a dense little magazine, but it’s never boring. One article I particularly like in Issue 57 is with Jacques Gites, in which he reflects on being on the set of I’m Still Here and hanging out with Puff Daddy. What more could you want?

We just got a direct shipment of Little White Lies Issue 57, as well as a bunch of back issues and their book What I Love About Movies.