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Book report—Rookie Yearbook Three
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 10th December 2014


 Rookie is a website started by girl genius Tavi Gevinson, but it is also an annual publication. Confused? You shouldn’t be, it’s pretty straightforward.

Every year, Gevinson releases a Rookie Yearbook compendium of the best content featured on the website throughout the school year—yearbook, geddit?—plus exclusive content that you can’t get for free on the internet. The latest one has just come out, which can only mean: SCHOOLIES!

Maybe not. Rookie is a cool brand run by and for young women, but non-women who enjoy reading stories by interesting, funny and talented writers can still enjoy it. It’s like a 21st-century, web-savvy version of Sassy, but instead of stories about Kim Gordon and Sofia Coppola there’s… Oh wait, those stories are still there but hey, we’re not complaining.

Rookie Yearbook Three is organised by theme and includes some pretty nifty interviews with Greta Gerwig, Kathleen Hanna, Alison Bechdel and the gals from Broad City. Lorde takes you through her songwriting process, Grimes tells you how to be a boss and Tavi herself tells you how to build your own throne. No more lusting after other people’s thrones, chump!

The interviews are non-pretentious, and even though most of the stories are written with a teen-girl perspective in mind, they are always accessible to non-teens. There’s an essay on moving to a new city, there’s relationship advice, and there are tips for making small talk and erasing your internet footprint (phew, thanks Rookie!). There is also a guide to “embracing your own insignificance”. Woah, heavy.

Peppered throughout the Yearbook is a bunch of original illustration and photography by Petra Collins, Eleanor Hardwick, Beth Hoeckel, Hattie Stewart and our pal Minna Gilligan. There are comics about masturbation, non-boring crosswords and a rad photography series about an all-girl dance troupe in Cincinnati. Cool.

Now that you mention it, our very own Editorial Queen Brodie Lancaster has contributed a few articles to the Yearbook! Well, how about that. She writes some pretty awesome and in-depth things about Kanye, identity and what it means to be a young woman (seriously, I haven’t figured it out yet, please come in and explain it to me with diagrams).

Rookie Yearbook Three includes stickers, pennants and a guide to a DIY pet photo shoot—it’s pretty diverse. I like Rookie because it feels inclusive and chats heaps about identity and those weird feelings that you sometimes feel embarrassed to express out loud. You will dog-ear the shit out of this book.*

We’ve ordered some copies of Rookie Yearbook Three, so come on in and pick one up for yourself.

*Just not our library copy. Then you’ll be cruisin’ for a bruisin’.