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Customer of the week—Graeme Simsion
Written by Max Olijnyk — 18th September 2014


This week’s customer of the, er, week goes to our pal Graeme Simsion(1). The first time he visited us, Graeme professed to being a fiction writer and asked if he was still allowed in our gang. We thought about it for a second, then told him he was crazy and we liked him just fine. ‘I’ll tweet that I’m here!’(2) he crowed, to which we shrugged our shoulders and told him to knock himself out.

Turns out Graeme is famous as hell. He’s the author of The Rosie Project(3), one of the most celebrated and highest selling Australian novels in recent memory. Rights to the novel have been sold in 40 countries and the screenplay has been optioned to Sony Pictures. He’s mates with Bill Gates and stuff. No wonder he looks so happy all the time.

Today, Graeme showed up with an advance copy of his new book The Rosie Effect(4). He signed it for us and posed for this photo like the pro he is, before meeting up with another one of his famous writer friends. They grabbed coffees(5) and posted up in the library for a spell. Classic stuff. Come and visit our library any time and who knows, maybe you’ll come up with an incredible idea for a novel! Stranger things have happened—just ask our pal Graeme.