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Dog Photog Valentine’s Day gallery
Written by Max Olijnyk — 25th February 2015

Those canine-crazed lunatics Heather and Dan were back in our shop for a special Valentine’s Day instalment of Dog Photog. I wasn’t there, because I cruelly rostered Sinead on to work that day. But by the look of things, it went quite well. I got my dog Tess to do these captions, because she’s a dog and understands what’s actually going on.

My name is Tess. I am a dog. I live in a house with my family and my goat. I hate my goat. I chewed my goat’s eyes off. Throw my goat! Take me for a walk! I’m tired.

Thanks to Heather and Dan at Dog Photog for all these great photos. I apologise for Tess’s lack of … grace in her captioning.