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Written by Max Olijnyk — 16th October 2014


There’s been a lot of issue 5 talk around here lately. ‘Have you seen issue 5 yet, MO?’ they ask me.

‘Can you put some issue 5s in these envelopes?’

‘Can you hold this issue 5 while I photograph it? Wear your blue jacket.’

‘Can you help me wheel this shopping trolley out to the car?’

Issue 5 this, issue 5 that—I tell you what.

For the uninitiated, Filmme Fatales(1) is the zine that sprang from the sprightly mind and fingers of Brodie Lancaster, The Good Copy’s resident social media whiz, Kanye West disciple and One Direction fanatic. FF is ‘a quarterly print zine about the places where film and feminism intersect’, edited by Brodie with contributions from writers, artists and general characters from all over the world. The first issue was published in January of 2013, and since issue 4, FF has been proudly published by The Good Copy. That’s us!

photo 5(1)
It’s still hot off the press, but I’ve had a quick look through issue 5 and I reckon it’s the best one yet. It feels very substantial, for starters. Is it still a zine? Of course it’s still a zine. It doesn’t need a clumsy ‘maga’ stuck in front of it for us to take it seriously. Should we take it seriously, then? I dunno. Just have a look.

Content-wise, I should point out that issue 5 contains Tavi Gevinson’s college application letter: a short essay on how she would love to converse with Jane Craig, the workaholic character played by Holly Hunter in the 1987 classic Broadcast News. She talks about ‘using feminine qualities to do one’s best work in a male-dominated industry’. I can’t even remember going to college, let alone how I got in, but I dig the significance of this document. Tavi, of course, is Brodie’s editor at Rookie(2). Brodie just visited Tavi in New York and gave her a Kanye ‘Yeezus’ mask, the significance of which I am less sure of. It blew up on Instagram(3), that’s for sure.

photo 4(1)
Other highlights: interviews with Hollywood entertainment lawyer Linda Lichter, Obvious Child director Gillian Robespierre, SXSW film head Janet Pierson and Desiree Akhavan, Appropriate Behavior director and star of the upcoming fourth season of HBO’s Girls. Aside from all them words, there’s original artwork by Derek Erdman, Minna Gilligan, Grace Lee and Hattie Stewart. Brodie also presents a highly entertaining and disturbingly compelling argument that Terminator 2 and The Bodyguard are actually the same film. There’s lots more, too. A great piece by Karys McEwen on why we shouldn’t hate Anne Hathaway, for instance. I like her now!

I like Filmme Fatales a lot, because I like Brodie and I like it when people do stuff with passion. I also like it because it discusses film in an approachable, non-academic way, but gets right into the good stuff, the deeper stuff, in a way that is new and honest. Film and feminism is its angle, but it’s really about everything—like all good things.

We’re hosting a launch party for issue 5 in The Good Copy shop this Saturday 18 October, from 6pm. You can pick up a copy from there—as well as all the back issues. There’s a secret, extra-special film screening from 8pm.

(1) Filmme Fatales has a website, a twitter, a Facebook, an insta and Lord knows what else.

(2) Rookie has a website and obviously all sorts of stuff going on that you won’t need my help finding out more about.

(3) Them’s some solid likes, even by our standards.