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Gallery—ACCA Mega Quiz 2015
Written by Max Olijnyk — 13th August 2015

Now, I’m not much of a quiz guy. I’d even go so far as to say I dislike quizzes. ‘Who cares?’ I crow over the weekend papers, when Rosie asks me who the governor of Saudi Arabia was in 1861. ‘It doesn’t matter!’ is my definitive answer to how many goals some guy kicked last season, or the overall percentage of something in the ocean. My rage is only alleviated when I know the answer to one of the questions, which is generally to do with a TV show or a band.

The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) puts on a big quiz every year. It’s so big they call it a Mega Quiz, and this year The Good Copy were invited to come along. It turns out that some of our band of ne’er-do-wells are absolute quiz fanatics, so this was a big deal for them.

‘I’ll come along, I suppose,’ I said, ‘but only if there’s a bar.’ Kane looked at me in disbelief. ‘Of course there’s a bar,’ he said. ‘Why wouldn’t there be a bar?’ It seemed I might end up being a quiz guy after all.

Thanks for having us, ACCA! See you next year, nerds!