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Gallery—IPF 2015
Written by Max Olijnyk — 12th November 2015

At time of publication, we’re in the middle of this year’s Independent Photography Festival, aka IPF 2015. It’s a crazy week or so of photography exhibitions, book launches, film screenings and panel discussions, held at various venues around town. As partners of the festival, we’re up to our necks in it at this point, but thanks to the efforts of Joe, Brodie, Penny and all the volunteers, it’s going very smoothly. Here are some photos of the fest so far, mainly taken by Brodie but a few are by me. For more details, check the IPF site.


Thanks to all the sponsors of these events: Neuw, Vice, United Measures, Strange Neighbour, Young Henrys, RVCA, Ansell, Hillvale, Thirds, Schoolhouse Studios, Neospace, Mossless, The Heavy Collective, Lamington Drive and Anokato Press. Special thanks to all the volunteers and supporters of the festival. For more details, check the IPF site.