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Gallery—Trailer Blazers
Written by Max Olijnyk — 16th July 2015

We had an idea a while ago to host an evening of trailer screenings from films in the MIFF program just when it came out, so people could pick what movies they wanted to see before they all sold out. ‘We’ll call it “Trail Blazers”!’ I said, or maybe it was someone else. ‘How about “Trailer Blazers”?’ said Penny, or maybe it was someone else. ‘Yeah, that’s probably better,’ I said—I think. It was a while ago now.

We sent MIFF an email asking if it was okay and they were like, ‘Great! Can we come?’ and we were like, ‘Sure!’ Then we made the Facebook event and started freaking out about how we were going to pull it off. After much running around and hustling, it happened, and it was a great success. Here are some glamorous photos!

Thanks to Seb Godfrey for the popcorn machine and the ace seating, everyone at MIFF for all the support (not to mention the advance copies of the programs) and Shout Out Loud printing for the ace backdrop. Thanks to everyone at The Good Copy for pitching in and helping—we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to Ray the security guard for standing in the cold and removing his glove every time he shook my hand. Thanks to my family—okay, I’m getting the wind-up. Oh, I forgot to thank mulled cider! See you next year!