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Interview—Brodie Lancaster of Filmme Fatales (again)
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 30th July 2015


Brodie Lancaster works at The Good Copy and she’s also the editor of Filmme Fatales. She’s launching the sixth issue of Filmme Fatales at The Good Copy on Friday 14 August, and it’s available for pre-order right now. It seemed like the right time to interview her about what the hell she’s been doing for the last few months.

Name: Brodie

Age: 25

Occupation: Senior editor at The Good Copy and editor of Filmme Fatales.

Sinead: So, Brodie, for people who don’t know what Filmme Fatales is, what is it?

Brodie: Um. Well, it depends if I’m describing the first five issues or the new issue, because the first five issues are a bit scrappy and real DIY. Can you write that so I said it kind of sarcastically?

Max: Italics.

Brodie: Yeah. The new one is really slick, but it is still a zine about conversations about women in film and places where film and feminism… collide?

Max: Sounds dangerous.

Brodie: Yeah, wear a helmet.



Sinead: So why did you want to make it slick?

Brodie: I always thought that keeping it a bit scrappy would still make it a zine, despite the fact that it was always professionally printed—it was never cut and pasted and photocopied. I think I felt a bit of an identity crisis about it, and I thought that it had to be a bit shit-looking to be called a zine, because it wasn’t fancy enough to be a magazine. This issue has been designed by Hope Lumsden-Barry and Stuart Geddes, who just walked past.

Sinead: What are you most jazzed about in this issue?

Brodie: There’s a great piece about Pedro Almodóvar and three movies he made in the early ’80s, and the girl who wrote it said if the movies he’s been making recently are like alkalised water and activated almonds, then these movies from the ’80s are like microwave nachos. I thought that was pretty good.

I’m really excited for people to read my friend Sarah Ramos’s story. She was on Parenthood and American Dreams, a show I used to watch when I was a kid. She also just graduated from writing at Columbia, and she’s written a story about a child actress, which is so fucking good. I also got photos by Ariel Katz—

Sinead: Sorry, I just got mandarin juice all over your book.

Brodie: That’s all right.

Max: That’s what its cover is for.

Brodie: We have a seven-page spread of her photos—it’s so good.



Max: Brodie, why do you do this?

Brodie: Urgh.

Max: What motivates you?

Brodie: I kind of talk about that in my editor’s letter for this issue.

Max: Well, I don’t want to spoil it.

Brodie: This issue is called ‘One More Shot’ because I thought it was going to be the last issue I’d do, but when I started making it I realised I really like working with writers and stuff. Sinead did a really good piece, and this girl Gemma Flynn, who was the first person who ever pitched to me and lives in Scotland, and just, fucking—I don’t why she isn’t the most famous film writer in the world.

Sinead: Why do you think people make movies?

Brodie: Um, because they’re bored and they have a lot of money.

Max: Why do people get bored?

Brodie: Hahahaha, because they’re not making a zine.

Sinead: Why do you think that zines have survived?

Brodie: Hahahaha, because they’re made out of paper.

Do you want me to answer that seriously?

Sinead: No. Brodie, what should we do?

Brodie: What should you and Max do?

Sinead: Yeah.

Max: We’re jealous.

Brodie: Really?

Max: No.


Brodie: Wait, what was the question again? Oh, you guys should do a vlog—a video blog of MO talking about kids’ shows he has to watch now.

Max: Oh, like Grandpa in My Pocket?

Sinead: I really don’t know about that.

Brodie: I don’t want to watch it, I just want to hear MO talking about it and then you talking about True Detective or some stupid shit.

Sinead: Grandpa in My Pocket is a nice little nickname for you, MO.

Brodie: Hahahahaha.

Max: You guys, I’m not that old.

Brodie: Hahaha, okay.

Buy a pre-sale copy of Filmme Fatales issue six now!

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(1) Artwork from Filmme Fatales Issue 6 by Minna Gilligan

(2) Brodie at the Riso as it spits out some Issue 6

(3) Artwork from Filmme Fatales Issue 6 by Serene Reilly

(4) Artwork from Filmme Fatales Issue 6