The Good @py
Interview—Thomas Tkatchenko
Written by Max Olijnyk — 1st April 2015


Our friend Thomas ‘Chenks’ Tkatchenko(1) is a lovely guy. Aside from being very handy with ones and zeroes (he even coded this very website!), ‘Dr. Chenkman’ is quite adept at stopping for a chat. Always pleasant and never mean, Chenks also has hidden depths. We interviewed him.

Name: Thomas

Age: 27

Occupation: Computer programmer

Max: What do you like about The Good Copy?

Chenks: Everyone’s always so cheerful and approachable. People aren’t approachable these days.


Max: What’s your favourite publication in the shop?

Chenks: Probably the Saturday Paper, because of the cryptic crossword.

Max: When do you do the crossword?

Chenks: Mostly on holidays. I actually just bought four back issues to take camping with me on the weekend.

Max: That was a big relief for us.

Chenks: Yeah, good.

Sinead: Chenks, why do you like holidays?

Chenks: Because I’m not working. No … downtime really. Why does anyone like holidays?


Max: What do you think I should do?

Chenks: With your life?

Max: Yeah.

Chenks: Skate more.

Sinead: Chenks, what does it all mean?

Chenks: Hahahaaa

Max: What’s the point?

Chenks: I don’t think it has a meaning really. I like a kind of Stoic approach, where it’s kind of natural. You live, you die. You just do what you do.

Max: Okay, so are you saying a hedonist approach would be good?

No no no. More of a Naturalist approach. Accordance with nature, that kind of thing.

Max: Ok, any more questions Sinead?

Sinead: That sums me up pretty much.

Chenks: Cool.

(1) Here is a link for Chenks’ very own website. We don’t use these fancy footnotes enough, and when we do, it’s very often for links, which is not really what we intended for them in the first place.