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IPF 2014 Gallery—part 1
Written by Max Olijnyk — 20th November 2014

The Independent Photography Festival took over our lives from 8 to 16 November. As one of the event producers (along with Hard Workers Club and Smalltime Projects), we were at every one of the 13 exhibitions, workshops, slideshows, zine fairs and BBQs that made up the crazy week that was. Unsurprisingly, there was extensive photographic documentation of proceedings. Many thanks to Ben Clement, Tom Ross, Michael Pham, Heather Lighton and Hillvale for the following images.


The first cab off the rank was the IPF Photo Prize opening at Strange Neighbour, which doubled as the festival launch party. Look at all the photographs in this photograph! Photoshop savvy readers could possibly save this image, then cut it up and get prints of all the photos they like for a fraction of the cost of buying the actual artworks. That would be some high-tech, shameful shit.


It must be tough taking photos at these things. All the people you take photos of are like, “What ISO are you shooting?” or, “Shouldn’t you take the lens cap off?”


Hey it’s Charles! I’m used to seeing him in lycra. Turns out he’s a punk.


It looks like Nat is styling Elise’s hair in this shot, but in reality they’re tending bar. Well, maybe she was doing her hair, in between serving cold ones to the masses. But I doubt it.


Sinead and Andy! Sinead works here now. She’s so clever!


I’ve been bewitched by this child before. His name is Valentine, a name I’m sure he will live up to. Is that creepy? I don’t mean it like that. Paul is Val’s dad. Great job Paul!


That’s a pretty solid turnout by anyone’s measure. Look at the skateboarders over there on the right. Regular patrons of the arts, those guys. Hey, I’m one of them, I’m allowed to poke fun!


Exhibiting artists: Brodie Lancaster and Ariel Katz. How do you go about getting names that cool? They’re usually reserved for novels or TV shows, or TV shows based on novels.




The following day was the sabbath, a fitting date for the IPF 2013 Photo Prize winner Nick Carr’s ‘Commoners’ show at Fawn Gallery.


Top-gun photographer Josh Robenstone was on hand, making the scene feel like an ad for Sapporo (and taking it easy in general).


I’m not sure what the story is here, but I’m sure I like it.


That’s Nick Carr in the middle there, ably flanked by Joe and Rob.


I can’t really improve on Michael Pham’s own Instagram caption for this photo: The IPF crowd is really diversifying this year.



The next IPF instalment was on Monday, up the hill and around the corner at Spares Store. The show was Khalik Allah’s ‘KhalikoVision’ and I tell you what, it was a cracker. Well, it looked like it, judging by these photos. I just became a dad for the first time so I was at home gazing in wonderment at my tiny child.


Looks like everyone else and their mate was there though. Note the constant presence of the Landy, aka the beer.


Kane and Meredith blend in seamlessly with the skate crowd.


What a perfect documentation of what it feels like to be at one of these things.


Stuart Geddes (on the right) is the man behind many great things, including the lovely zines produced for each show in the festival, and Penny Modra. Joe was resplendent in a National Geographic fleece.


Here’s Joe again, just after saying something terrible to Charlie and Wona.


“I don’t know man, just stick with it for a month or so and it’ll be just as luxurious as mine” – either of these guys to the other.



Brodie, post ice-bucket challenge. The ice buckets are where we keep the beer.


I love these Where’s Wally style shots. There’s usually at least one person in the crowd making eye contact with the photographer. In this case, it’s Mr Yellow Sweater. Oh yes, this was on Tuesday at Loose Leaf, for Joel Bouchier’s ‘The Kuka Boys’ opening.


Loose Leaf proprietors Wona and Charlie, thankfully out of earshot from Joe’s disturbing comments.


Is it just me or does that chick have half a dog growing out of her knees?


Sam and Tom extol the virtues of Sapporo beer.


“So what we do is, we dip the rolls of film in these chemicals and they become pictures… It’s pretty magical actually.”


Event masterminds Joe Miranda and Penny Modra amid a blur of happy patrons.


Hugo stopped by with a bag of spinach.


On Wednesday, it was Alessandro Simonetti’s ‘Never Forget The Warriors’ exhibition opening at Doomsday. I included this photo of Pham taking a photo because I believe it has my shoulder in the left part of the frame. This was to be the only IPF event I was able to attend, due to the aforementioned birth of my son, whose name is Freddie.


This is Alessandro, but everyone calls him Ale. Everyone is also in love with him.

This time it’s the guy up the back in the white t-shirt.

This time it’s the guy up the back in the white t-shirt.


Here’s Ben, Wendy and Fizzgig from ‘The Dark Crystal’.



Remember those zines Stuart made that I mentioned earlier? Here are some of them.

And you know what? That’s about enough for now. We’ll be back with pictures and second-hand memories from the second half of IPF soon. Bye for now, and thanks again to Ben Clement, Tom Ross, Michael Pham, Heather Lighton and Hillvale for the sparkling photos, and Sapporo for the sparkling beer. Thanks also go to all the festival sponsors and supporters: Sapporo, Oakley, Strange Neighbour, Thirds, Crumpler, Hillvale, Doomsday, Anthony Kolber, HolidayMild Manners, Deja-View, Everyday Coffee, Witu and Wilma Art Framing Concept.