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Know Yr Product—The Two Colour Pen
Written by Max Olijnyk — 21st October 2014

Unapologetic, ubiquitous and really cool looking, the Bic Four Colour Pen offers a futuristic kaleidoscope of options when it comes to writing stuff down. But when I was down at the amazing stationery warehouse last week stocking up on the suckers (which also happen to be the inspiration behind our logo), I noticed these little babies and thought, right, these are even better.

The Two Colour Pen is like a Four Colour Pen after a garage sale, or a colonic cleanse. It doesn’t have so much crap weighing it down. Crap it only used when it was writing in birthday cards, or trying to look serious. The Two Colour Pen is the modern Four Colour Pen. It’s everything you’ll ever need.

Just keep her on blue most of the time and you’ll be fine. I only click into the red zone when I’m crossing stuff off my list (so satisfying) or putting little initials next to things. It’s good to have that contrast, you know? Blue and red, perfect. Sort of a Frenchie vibe.

So there we are—the perfect pen. The Bic Two Colour Pen is available in the shop now, along with its well-fed big brother—which, despite my recent naysaying, is still a great little unit. We also offer the Four Colour pen as a Pen-dant necklace, threaded with the finest waxy string. Hey, you know what would be cool? A grease monkey edition Two Colour Pen in black and silver. Write that down.