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Meet & Greet book launch gallery
Written by Max Olijnyk — 12th February 2015

Twas the evening of the 29th day of January when our fine shop hosted the launch of a fellow fine thing: a book—of photos and words—titled Meet & Greet. The book features pictures from the streets, churches and caravan parks of the world, along with the stories behind them (so they don’t seem, you know, too mysterious). It’s the first publication from Melbourne photo collective Precious Memories Club and it even features a foreword by our very own Max Olijnyk.

Actually, that’s me. I had to add that in as if it wasn’t me, but it is. The jig is up. Ahh, that feels better. Anyway, Meet & Greet is exactly the kind of thing we like to get behind. You know what else? Those guys know how to knock back a few cold ones. Read on.

Thanks everyone for coming, thanks to Brodie for these photos, and thanks to Matt and the Precious Memories Club for helping with the launch. Meet & Greet is available from Diane Inc. and the Good Copy shop!