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Review—Filmme Fatales issue 7
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 25th February 2016


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we were announcing the launch of the sixth issue of Filmme Fatales (it was actually way back in August so fucking relax, okay) and now we’ve got a brand new issue to dive into. Call her Brodie ‘No Breaks’ Lancaster, all right!

But really, creativity doesn’t work like that, does it? When you have a good idea and enough energy to see it through, you’ve just gotta do it. I think this is why Brodie and designer Hope Lumsden-Barry decided to dive straight back into Filmme Fatales and I’m glad they did, because this is the best issue yet.

The theme for FF 7 is ‘Space’, which covers films of the sci-fi variety and also issues of physical and metaphorical space. I’m a bit scared of outer space as a concept, particularly free-form floating in an endless expanse of darkness with only my thoughts to keep me company, but don’t be put off by my over-active imagination and abandonment complex—this issue is fun!

Here’s a breakdown of the stuff I really liked:

  • Emily Naismith wrote about Dogs in Space, which is cool because I like that it grounds FF as a Melbourne-made zine and, also, it was such a great idea that I was mad at myself for not coming up with it. Great work, Em!
  • ‘She Lives in a Place in the Side of Our Lives’ by Greer Clemens discusses all the physical spaces in Pretty in Pink. You know that movie came out 30 years ago this week? Probably too late to pitch your think piece now.
  • Hey, famous TV and film star Mae Whitman has an article in this zine! She wrote about her favourite films, and it’s accompanied by some cool comics by Charlie Brand. It must be great to be famous.

Want to get your hands on issue 7? For one week only we are selling the issue for the special release price of $12. That’s probably less than you spent on your disappointing salad at lunch! This zine has nothing in common with a disappointing salad. Pick up the issue here.

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