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Review—Good Sport issue 1
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 12th November 2015

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I’ve never liked watching sport. I think this has something to do with the fact that it never includes jokes or kissing, things I’ve found quite essential to my television viewing. However, it turns out that reading about sport is a different matter altogether, because good writing makes you care about stuff that you don’t ordinarily care about. Enthusiasm is contagious! That’s why I really liked reading Good Sport.

It’s probably lucky that I liked the first issue of Good Sport, because the people who run it (Ben Clement, Joe Miranda, Nadia Saccardo and Paul Allworthy) are friends of The Good Copy. That would have been awkward, hey! I liked that Good Sport covered much more than, well, sport. Some of my favourite articles were a history of the starting pistol, an interview with a pro drifter (like the Tokyo Drift kind) Mad Mike, and our very own creative director Max Olijnyk’s interview with competitive climber Scott Forrest. Each story features some really beautiful original photography. Jane Stockdale’s snaps of soccer fans watching the World Cup are definitely a stand-out.

Good Sport doesn’t seem like a magazine that is a ‘sport’ version of an existing publication, which it very easily could have been. I loved that so many of the articles were focused on history and fandom and silliness, because these are the things that appeal to non-jocks like me. It’s nice to see some local legends create something that doesn’t remind you of anything else, and do a cracker job of it. My one criticism: needs more kissing.