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Review—Infected finger
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 2nd July 2015


The other day I cut my finger, but I’m not sure how I did it. One day it escalated from a normal cut to something that inspired concern in my boyfriend, laughs from my best mate and a pretty direct text message from my mum: ‘It is infected’.

When you’ve got something red and throbbing and pus-filled hanging out on your hand, it’s pretty hard to focus on anything else. Every time I tapped on my keyboard I felt the sting that only occurs when your flesh is battling a tiny monster who has made a home in your skin folds. At work I tried to write about the shop, about our cool merchandise (Mugs! Posters! T-shirts!), and I just couldn’t. Every now and then I would just smear on some antiseptic cream and hope for the best. If this were the Middle Ages, I’d probably be dead, I thought to myself.

When nothing changed I decided to go to the local doctor and get some antibiotics. Everyone at the clinic was super-nice and made me feel less embarrassed about the open wound on my left middle finger. When I went into the doctor’s office there was a medical student waiting to observe my diagnosis. I asked her what school she went to and then she asked what school I went to, and I laughed in a way that suggested I was lucky to have been considered a student. I’m only 26, so this wasn’t entirely warranted.

The doctor put on some magnifying goggles and peered at my finger, becoming increasingly perplexed that I didn’t know how I had cut my finger. ‘Is there something in it?’ he said, gingerly poking the crater. ‘I don’t know,’ I said. ‘Is it a spider bite?’ he said. ‘Ah, I don’t know,’ I said. He exchanged a weary look with the medical student, gave me a prescription for antibiotics and warned me against the dangers of thrush. ‘We don’t need another problem, do we?’ he said kindly.

So, I guess this is really a review of the local doctor’s surgery. Thanks for your help, guys! I really would have missed that finger.

This article was originally published in The Good Copy Gazette Issue One, a few copies of which are still available from our shop.

(1) Illustration by the amazing Nicko Phillips