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Review—Jim’s Greek Tavern
Written by Max Olijnyk — 1st December 2015

We’ve been planning to have a staff dinner at Jim’s Greek Tavern ever since we moved in over the other side of Johnston Street. It’s been sitting there the whole time we’ve had our shop, wafting its sweet char-grilled aroma our way, an aroma refreshingly free of the hoighty-toighty airs of all the jazzed-up foodie joints around the area. One time the chimney caught on fire and we watched in awe as four fire engines turned up and ‘Jim’ paced around, angrily chain-smoking cigarettes as if in tribute to the blaze. We’ve watched ‘Jim’ yell angrily on the phone to dozens, nay, scores of who we imagine to be customers, but are probably suppliers, or even his long-suffering wife. We’ve wondered about ‘Jim’s’ real name. Then Frunch told us what it is, and we forgot. Yep, Jim’s Greek Tavern has been a constant source of fascination to us, but we’ve never crossed the street to find out what all the fuss was about.

So, on the day before we actually moved out of the shop, and the day before Jim’s Greek Tavern was to be auctioned off, we had a staff dinner over there and it was glorious. Read on.