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Book report—Ladies of Leisure issue 2
Written by Rachel Wilson — 12th February 2015


Settle on to your lilo, take a long sip of your fruity summer cocktail, jettison yourself from the poolside and float away on the violet pages of Ladies of Leisure’s(1) second issue. If you’re not already acquainted, let us enlighten you: produced by young female creatives for young female creatives, LOL (as it’s affectionately abbreviated) showcases the work and thought of Melbourne ladies who are arty, ambitious and all-round killing it.

A stylistic blend of sleepover DnMs and (lady)boss locution, LOL reveals the often silent (or silenced) world of female creativity. It allows an insight into the artistic processes of the Ladies and their interviewees while also inviting you to dive into the aqua profonda of their personal experiences. In this issue, we venture into the minds of 21-year-old chef Ali Currey Voumard, Harpoons vocalist Bec Rigby and artist Nabilah Norden. It also includes an “All Star Girl Team Special Shoot”, which does exactly what it says on the tin.


LOL is available for purchase here at the Good Copy shop. As an owner of issue #2, not only will you be able to stroke the lavender pages at leisure but you’ll also be the lucky recipient of a LOL sticker consisting of at least one kissy emoji face. If that’s not a USP we really don’t know what is.