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Review—Stop. Grammar Time. Class 1
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 12th February 2015

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It seems strange to write a review of one’s own colleagues. But why should it be? Humans are judgemental creatures by nature—there’s no point in pretending otherwise. I’m actually judging you right now. Why are you wearing that?

Nah, not really. But, luckily for my job security, this review is a very positive one. Stop. Grammar Time. is a four-week course that aims to refresh your memory and dispel myths about grammar and punctuation, expanding on your Grade 3–level knowledge and teaching you some new tricks. This isn’t just a course for writers—it’s a course for anyone who has to write emails (or really impressive texts).

If you’re anything like me, this probably seems daunting and, um, too hard. Kind of like eating vegetables, which you know you have to do but often skip in favour of tastier fare (i.e. Macca’s). But seriously, you will be amazed by how much Macca’s flavour teachers Penny Modra and Max Olijnyk infuse into this salad. It’s funny. Like, really funny. There’s an abundance of visual gags, videos and the kind of insane banter that’s only possible when two people have known each other for ages / are slightly unhinged. Basically it’s like discovering that the two funniest people you know actually have a lot to teach you about semicolons—and you want to listen because they’re not being all condescending about it.

No matter how scholarly you consider yourself, you will still learn things in this course that will blow your damn mind. Are you listing your adjectives in the right order? I bet you a million bones that you are not. Do you even know what a clause is? You’ll be the king of clauses by the end of the course! The class is paced in such a way that you’re constantly reinforcing information through exercises (guided by grammar queen Meredith Forrester), which is essential for vague people like me who lose concentration pretty quickly. The complimentary coffee helps with that too.

There are so many writing courses in Melbourne that involve you paying an exorbitant amount of cash just to sit in a stuffy conference room and listen to some boring old guy who doesn’t even have a Facebook account. Stop. Grammar Time. is the opposite of that, and having the course split over four weeks means you’re more likely to actually retain what you’re being taught.

Oh, and you get a free Stop. Grammar Time. tote bag. Did I mention that? It’s a pretty sweet tote.