The Good @py
Grammar time.

Nuts-and-bolts punctuation and grammar classes for writers, readers and people who like to leave the house. Learn to put the things in the right places so you sound as clever as you are, really. Your emails won’t know themselves. Your articles will be sharpened and your novel won’t even need editing.

Some of the topics we cover:

— What is a sentence? Is this a sentence?
— Sticks and dots: punctuation and how to use it
— What is a style guide? Will it tell me what to wear?
— Put your butt in the chair: the secret to good writing

All this, and more! We’ll keep you pepped up on piping-hot coffee and entertain you with crazy grammar- and punctuation-themed clips and songs. On top of that, we’ll throw in a Stop. Grammar Time. tote bag and a commemorative woven patch.

Stop. Grammar Time. is presented by top-gun editor and writer Penny Modra, along with similarly grammar-obsessed members of The Good Copy team.


The Good Copy, 19–21 Johnston St, Collingwood

JUNE—two-day intensive
Friday 24 and Saturday 25, 9.30am–4pm
Enrolments close Thursday 16 June
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JULY—two-day intensive
Friday 22 and Saturday 23, 9.30am–4pm
Enrolments close Thursday 14 July
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The School, 2/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery

AUGUST—two-day intensive
Friday 19 and Saturday 20, 9.30am–4pm
Enrol now!

Give the gift of grammar: fancy gift vouchers available at checkout.