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Stuff up for grabs downstairs
Written by Max Olijnyk — 14th January 2016

As you may or may not be aware (as with anything in life), we moved out of our old shop and moved into a new one just a few doors up the road. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Well (as with anything in life), it’s not. While our new upstairs office is in full swing, complete with meeting rooms, coffee stations and off-the-charts upload speeds, the downstairs shop area is still in ‘the design phase’.

While we languish in purgatory—I mean, spend valuable time planning and developing cool new shit, the downstairs space is used for occasional meetings, the odd photo shoot and, of course, the storage of random crap.

Though the amount of said crap has diminished dramatically since we moved in, there are still a few items down there that need to find new homes. Though we’re too lazy/stupid to sell them on eBay, consider the following items up for grabs if you want a piece of history and have relevant ID.


1. Tub of coathangers and cups
Not sure who these belong to. This tub of assorted detritus reminds me of that classic Jimeoin sketch about how there are always coathangers hanging in every cupboard of every house he’s lived in, and every time there’s a knock at the door he’s afraid it will be a little man who says, “Hello, I’ve come about my coathangers.” These are the top-shelf wooden ones you can never have enough of. Hell, I’m tempted to take a few home with me tonight.


2. Whiteboards x 2
The most accurate word I’d use to describe these whiteboards is: janky. Oh, they’re janky, all right. Just try wheeling one around a bit so you can write ‘FREE’ in sweet graffiti-style lettering on there—you’ll have problems. Hang on, that’s because the wheels are locked. Anyway, they’re really janky, but they work fine. Come and get ’em, and then make amazing plans with ’em, or perhaps figure out equations or something.


3. Several cases of Kopparberg cider
This cider has been sitting around for far too long. If memory serves correctly, it was originally procured by Matt for one of his book launches, but then he got a whole lot of beer as well and I had to step in and say, “Listen, man, we can’t have a party with that much booze—someone might die.” So we kept some of it out the back and since then we’ve tried to give it away to anyone who walks in the door. “Take some cider!” we say, which is met with varying evasive responses. I took a bottle home a couple of nights ago and it was actually delicious. Sweeter than anything I’ve ever tasted, ever, but delicious nonetheless. Over-18s only.


4. Duffel bag full of suit jackets, blue ball
This bag belongs to Kane, a writer and editor here at The Good Copy. We’ve asked him time and time again to get it out of here, yet it remains. Turns out Kane dragged this literal baggage from his last job, where it had sat untouched for close to five years. “It’s from his itinerant stage,” Penny explained. So maybe we can’t give it away, but expressions of interest are welcome, if only to scare Kane into taking it home.

As for the blue ball, that’s my son Fred’s. We were kicking it around down there on the weekend, and then we forgot to take it with us to the pool. I promise to take it home, soon. What do you want me to do, tie it to my bike?

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