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Testimonial—Stop. Grammar Time. with Alvin
Written by admin — 30th September 2015


One of our students wrote a review of our school! And, since he says lots of nice things, we agreed to publish his piece on our site. Thanks Alvin. There he is up there with his dog Dolce. Read on.

Stop. Grammar Time.
By Alvin Webster

I pretty much assume that before I attended Stop. Grammar Time. everything I wrote was wrong … yes, wrong. Did I just use that ellipsis correctly? Who knows. Did I just end a two-word sentence with a full stop when it should’ve been a question mark? What the hell is a clause? Do I capitalise the i on iPhone when starting a sentence? Is a dangling modifier something I need to buy off a porn site? Fuck.

The contemporary grammar landscape is scary, confusing and fickle—and it’s amazing to realise how many of us (not just fruit shops) use grammar incorrectly. But now I see the code in the Matrix.

Here are a few reasons to enrol:

The name

You’ll be the cool kid at the water cooler when people find out you’re attending a contemporary grammar class named Stop. Grammar Time. Watch as panties and/or briefs drop to the floor when you set your colleagues on fire with this conversation starter.

The Stop. Grammar Time. tote bag

Look even more awesome as you lurk around the water cooler while wearing your trendy tote bag. As well as transforming you into a fashion pioneer, the tote bag doubles as a storage accessory for you to collect all those dropped panties.

The classes

The classes are truly great. They’re run over four weeks and the content is presented in an engaging and humorous way by two very learned grammar mad-dogs. The class is broken up into easily consumable segments supported by good examples, hilarious videos and exercises to make sure it’s all sticking to your brain mush. You’ll learn how to structure sentences properly, use correct punctuation and harness style. You’ll discover plenty of tips and tricks, and cover ridiculous English language irks such as ‘lie vs lay’—there’s actually a chart, it’s that messed up.

The people

The classes are run by Penny Modra, Max Olijnyk and Meredith Forrester. They are all exceptional writers and grammar enthusiasts with impressive resumes (according to the internet, so it has to be true).

The follow-through

You can email stuff to Penny and she will totally take a look at your writing and help you out with any grammatical pickle you might be in. Of course she would’ve proofed this for me, but she wouldn’t have found anything. After each class you’ll be emailed detailed notes, helpful web links, and relevant articles on things that come up in class.

The coffee and biscuits

Despite the Good Copy website saying there are bagels provided, the drip coffee and biscuits make up for the lack of bagel. But, still, bagels are awesome.

Paying for it

I’m not talking about the burrito I had last night, but rather how it’s easy as balls to get your work to pay for these classes. If writing makes up any component of your work, you’ll have an excellent case for them to send you. You can’t go wrong with a grammar class, because grammar is necessary in anything you write. You can also just as easily write it off as a tax expense.

Overall, it was a great experience. Whether you want to refine your writing skills or become a proofing master (or you’ve been tasked with the wonderful job of creating/updating a corporate style guide), this class is for you. Considering the lessons total up to only 10 hours, you learn a shitload. You get a free four-colour pen too, which is pretty cool.

If Alvin’s testimonial has moved you, please go ahead and enrol in Stop. Grammar Time. yourself!