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The Good Copy limited-edition ruler release
Written by Rachel Wilson — 1st April 2015
In the most hotly anticipated launch since the iWatch, yesterday saw the arrival of the Standard Wooden Ruler in our humble store. Now available exclusively at The Good Copy front desk, the Standard Wooden Ruler has long proved a painful absence in the hearts and arsenals of Australian stationery enthusiasts nationwide. Stationery junkies camped out overnight to be first in line to get their hands on this piece of simple yet vital measuring equipment. In store, lucky customers were treated to live demonstrations on how to use the Standard Wooden Ruler and, despite stocks filling at least one Everyday Coffee mug, in a mad rush of trade we were sold out by 3.50pm the following day. May your lines never be crooked, comrade.
The Standard Wooden Ruler is available exclusively at The Good Copy shop. Hurry while stocks last.