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The Good Copy Xmas Gift Guide
Written by Sinead Stubbins — 11th December 2014


Christmas can be stressful. Urgh, so stressful. Why do we even bother! Oh wait, because it’s kind of fun. Lucky for you, we’ve got The Good Copy team together to help you with your gift buying. The fact that all these gifts come from The Good Copy shop is of no consequence.



The Good Copy Mug, $15

I think the things you touch and look at every day should give you good vibes. Take mugs for instance. Sure, your mug works just fine, but every time you pick it up you think, yep, here’s that boring mug. Here we go again. What’s the point? Our mugs break that grim cycle. Alabaster white, Lumbergh chic, thin-rimmed for optimum mouth feel, emblazoned with a wacky Tim Lahan illustration reminding you to ‘keep it together’… it’s a good vibe.

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The Alligator Notebook, $15

A bit ago I bought this nice notebook by The Good Copy from The Good Copy. It’s really nice. What I like about it is that it has lines and it is pen-friendly. That is that you can write in it and it looks good. I do work at The Good Copy and I like that I can do my work in my work-branded workbook. This gives me a feel of cohesiveness in my daily life plus there’s space for my name on the front. You might not also work at the place where this notebook is from, but it will also give you cohesive feelings because it can fit in bags and be with you where you and your bag are. I recommend you purchase this book for note-taking this Christmas season. Or you might want to buy it for someone else who likes paper and books, together. It’s up to you.



The Paper Bags, free

My favourite thing in The Good Copy shop is the thing we put the things in. Our paper bags. They are candy striped, like peppermint Christmas canes or those volunteer nurses from American teen romance novels or Jamaican beer. We found them in an Aladdin’s cave of stationery tucked behind the Gaso, sitting quietly among glitter pens, giant Post-its and Pritt sticks. No matter what you put inside, the outside will make it feel cheery and cherry-flavoured. We all know it’s the wrapping that really counts. Everything fits, except maybe Interview magazine, or our Freelancer Flops—oh, and the posters. Ok quite a few things don’t. But they’re free so grab a couple anyway.



New York magazine, $13.50

New York is my favourite magazine because it is smart and funny but doesn’t take itself too seriously. It was published weekly from 1968 ’til March of this year (when it switched to bi-weekly) and it blew my mind that a magazine so g.d. great could be produced every single week. As our own Queen Bee Ms P-Mod said in her famous interview with The Design Files, it’s a magazine that “knows exactly what it’s about. It’s the best magazine about a city, full stop.” It might be about New York, but you don’t need to be super familiar with the city to get the mag’s vibe. I spend every Christmas catching up on my backlog of issues of NY Mag, ’cos even if I don’t find time to read an issue every fortnight, I never want to miss a single word published on those pages.



Eraser, $2

Hello madam. I am here to sell you an eraser. It is a very fine eraser with many characteristics essential for efficient erasering of the filthy, potentially libellous, words you scratch out at night underneath your Strawberry Shortcake doona, flashlight in teeth, your groin alight with angry sexual energy. First, it has mass. No dark matter here—thing’s fucking full of them Higgs Bosons. Second, it’s by Staedler, a corporation I know nothing about, but it sounds a little like ‘Statler’, who is one half of the irascible duo who sit in the Muppet Theatre opera box laying down zingers like no Henson’s business. So that’s a plus. Third, it says ‘rasoplast’, a word with a comfortingly medical feel: “I’ll just apply a thin rasoplast layer and you’ll be out of here in a jiffy, Ms Screechingbox.” So that’s great. All in all, this little white brick will do a fine job of erasing all your mistakes. Except the mistake you made that one time in the old quarry under a blood-red moon. Nothing will ever be able to erase that memory.



Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A Scott Berg, $30

This is a biography of William Maxwell Evarts Perkins—aka Max Perkins, aka “editor of genius”—written by A Scott Berg. Max Perkins is the most famous literary editor ever, and he wore a hat almost all the time. He edited Fitzgerald, Wolfe and Hemingway—The Old Man and the Sea was dedicated to Max after he passed in 1947—and discovered many other writers including James Jones, Marjorie Yawlings and JP Marquand. My favourite bit is on page 18, where Berg writes about how Perkins wouldn’t let the manuscript of This Side of Paradise out of his sight because it was his first book as an editor at Scribners and he’d fought very hard to get Fitzgerald on the books; ergo, hundreds of mistakes in the first print run because no proofreaders, and then a “witty” guy from the New York Tribune turned spotting them into a game. Poor Max! Another favourite part is finding out about his wife Louise, in whose brain Max “foresaw and welcomed a lifelong battle of wits”. This book lives in my backpack because a) Rory Gilmore always carried a book in her backpack and b) I like knowing Max is nearby whenever I need to kick some poorly written arse. It’s the best Christmas present for anyone who loves editing and literature and history and reading books that use unspaced em dashes sensibly.



The Freelancer Starter Pack, $28

When it comes to freelancing, it’s hard to know where to start. “Who do I pitch to?” you think as you stare at your microwaved ramen. “What rate can I expect?” you ponder while leeching your local cafe’s wifi. I don’t know much, but I know this for sure: you’re going to need a sturdy notebook. And a pen with multiple colours, so you can edit your own work. You’ll also need a hot mug of coffee to keep you pumping out that bulletproof copy, ya java junkie! Once you’ve got those things, your freelancing dreams will surely come true. I heard that Jack Kerouac had a set-up JUST like this.