Write Right

Why is writing hard? When is it good? Who does it well, and how?

If writing is part of your day, you know intuitively that it doesn’t just happen on the page. Most of the challenge is in the thinking and the relating. After that, as Joan Didion once said, you can ‘prune it out, clean it up, make the point’.

Write Right takes the same approach. This half-day course suggests a step-by-step process that begins with the reader and continues with the ideas. After that, we dive into the writing itself. How do you stay focused, original, clear and generous? What are some tactics for bringing words, sentences and readers to life? How do you assess what’s working and what isn’t?

From Aristotle to Airtable, advertising to art, we explore the principles of good writing and inspire you to think critically about planning, briefing, drafting and editing.

Who is it for?

Write Right is a half-day course for copywriters, marketers, editorial freelancers, content makers, emailers—anyone whose work involves turning ideas into words for readers.

How do we teach it? 

Students can attend Write Right classes online or in person.

The in-person course is delivered as a morning or afternoon class, coffee and cake break included! In Melbourne, the classes happen at The Good Copy HQ, 19–21 Johnston Street, Collingwood. In Sydney, the classes run at Paramount Recreation Club in Surry Hills.

The online course is delivered as a half-day Zoom session. Check the calendar below for the upcoming online class dates.

What do we teach?

0. The technical approach
Writing and editing for readability

1. Know why youre saying something
Ideas, objectives and readers

2. Find something to say
Specifics, images and originality

3. Be okay with saying it
Tone, cliché, formality and jargon

4. Say it
Finding an opener and writing the first draft

5. Say it with style
Style guides, decisions and consistency

6. Edit for grammar
The rules worth worrying about

How does it help?

Students leave with:


Who teaches it?

Write Right classes are taught by top-gun writer, editor and worrier Penny Modra. Penny is The Good Copy’s editorial director, a regular grammar enthusiast guest on ABC Radio Melbourne, a teacher of editing at RMIT University and the convener of the Collingwood Crossword Club.

What do people say?

Teacher and editor Penny Modra will help you master tone, style and more in this half-day session on improving your writing ... we guarantee you’ll spend the day not only learning but laughing.

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If you’d like to REALLY learn how to write, I recommend you check The Good Copy and see when their next Write Right school is happening. It did wonders for me; it’ll do wonders for you.

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